Jiří Němeček

Jiří Němeček


I'm an AI Researcher

Focusing on AI Ethics, Fairness and Explainability


Explainability helps everyone.

Explainable models are easier to supervise, they are better for users, and they can even help humans learn new things.

I wish to do my part in creating more society-friendly AI models.


Curriculum Vitae

AI center at CTUsince 2023

PhD on Bias in AI

Work under the supervision of Jakub Mareček and Tomáš Pevný.

FEE at CTU in Prague2021-2023

Master in Artificial Intelligence

MAMA AI2021 - 2022

AI developer

Helped develop text-to-speech systems in a startup led by people from the IBM’s Watson project.


Volunteer AI instructor

Volunteer instructor for the Czech version of an introductory course on AI for public.

FIT at CTU in Prague2017 - 2021

Bachelor in Knowledge Engineering


To be found all over the internet, usually as @Epanemu.